C7 and Camaro Window Valet - Remote Control for your Windows

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Top Down Technologies' Window Valet

Top Down Tech has developed an aftermarket electronics convenience package for your 7th Generation Corvette AND now your 2010 to 2016 Camaro.

Many Great features packed into this one unit!





Description: The Window Valet™ for C7 provides remote power window control for the 2014 and newer Corvette AND now your 2010 to 2016 Camaro.




1. Remote Control Power Windows !

This is a must for any convertible owner.  No more climbing back into the car to raise the windows after you put the top up.

Let the windows down as you approach the car. The heat escapes before you get in.

No need to get back into the car to let the windows up. Put the top up and walk away. Convertible owners know all too well what this means.

Don't leave the windows down just because the car is on a racing trailer. Climb out, raise the windows, secure the car.

Tight garages are no longer a problem. It's much easier to get into the car after lowering the windows.

Control both windowsfrom the key FOB!


Window Venting Feature

 * The window venting feature allows you to use the remote to leave the windows down about half-an-inch for airflow on hot days. To use this feature, simply issue
the remote window up command when both windows are already in the fully up position.

* The Window Valet™ for C7 AND now your 2010 to 2016 Camaro will recognize that the windows are already up and assume that you want to vent the windows. This feature, just like the remote window control, does not require any additional configuration.

"Subtle Alarm"

* The "subtle alarm" mode will cause the horn to toot three times whenever someone pulls on an outside door handle while the car is locked.

* If a valid FOB is detected and the door unlocks because the C7's passive mode is enabled, the horn will not sound. It's a you're busted message to kids trolling for unlocked cars.


Installation of the Window Valet

OK, how about installation? It must be tricky to get access to so many features.

It is tricky, but Top Down Tech has done all the work. The magic is in the software that runs inside the
Window Valet™. All you have to do is plug it in, choose your features, and
enjoy the benefits!

It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1) Plug it in...  2) Configure....  3) Enjoy the benefits...
The Window Valet for C7 plugs into the diagnostics port underneath the steering column,
just past the edge of the dash trim. There's no configuration required. Just plug it in! The
Window Valet
for C7 does not reprogram any of the car's computers. So to reverse the install, just unplug the unit, and the C7 will immediately revert back to stock.